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Why We Write Goes On Stage

After years of successful Inkspire writing camps, a new drama camp called Encore opens with the unique staging of Charles Dicken’s A Christmas Carol in Lexington, Kentucky.


Audiences will go from tears to cheers!


Camp is limited to 20 students in grades 4-12. 

No prior acting experience necessary.

Sea Turtle

Our 501(c)(3) Why We Write is dedicated to Kentucky students finding happiness  from writing, listening, and telling stories. We accomplish this through two different camps -- Inkspire writing camps in the summer (Lexington and Winchester locations) and Encore drama camp in the fall (Lexington). We custom design Saturday writing seminars called INK Spots for any group.

Our 11th summer of writing camp was oceans of fun with Moby INK as our theme. Check out our pages above called

INKthology and photos--to share our fun.

Piano on Dim Stage

Grand Help


We set up Gratitude Tables at events at no charge.  We provide  a chance for audience members to jot down a few sentences of what they loved about what they heard. They even receive our custom-made sticker that says "I Gave Gratitude." Contact our executive director for more details at


Most people do not understand how they listen.  It's not about behavior, but about our brains.  So how does someone make their brain have optimal listening performance?

We provide listening seminars for any type of audience: such as students  young as fourth grade to corporations, clubs, and congregations. Contact our executive director for more details at

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