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She has a dream...


After 10 years of  Inkspire summer writing camps in Winchester,  Dr. Jacqueline Hamilton, Ed.D. decided to expand the work into the current 501 (c)(3) nonprofit known as Why We Write Inc.  She is better known to campers as Mizz JJ. Her mission has always been to help students find happiness in writing--as well as listening, performing, and giving gratitude.   

After graduation from Miami of Ohio, Mizz J.J. worked as a journalist in South Carolina and won several state press awards. She wrote a non-fiction short story "The Christmas Chair" that was published in the holiday literary anthology Kentucky's 12 Days of Christmas. Her doctorate work involved research work in listening.  


Her teaching and performance experiences include: Creative Writing and Dramatic Expression for the Governor's Scholars Program; two Chautauqua characters for Kentucky Humanities Council; and 12 years in the English Department at Eastern Kentucky University.

Please feel free to contact her at with any questions, or to schedule her as a guest speaker at your organization or arrange for your school to have free writing and listening experiences in classrooms.

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Teachers share the dream...

Inkspire Camp-17.jpg

Small group classes are an important part of the Inkspire camp experience. Each camp provides on-fire and energetic teachers. Here Mizz J.J. (center) thanks two of the Winchester camp teachers---Jennifer Taylor and Jenny Strickland--who have been with the program since our beginning. In summer 2023, camper Sam Bratten wrote a clever poem called "The Three Js." The poem can be found under Sam B. in the 2023 Inkthology section.

Tech and design expert shares the dream...

          My journey through science and art has led to a multitude of talents and passions. As an Eastern Kentucky University (EKU) alumnus, I hold a Master’s in chemistry and a Bachelor’s in forensic science. 

          But, beyond the confines of the lab and classroom, my curiosity extends to the natural and creative worlds, which I capture through photography and the creative processes of graphic and visual design. These artistic endeavors serve not only as a medium for documenting my research and experiences but also as a bridge to connect the empirical to the expressive.

          Driven by a desire to make a meaningful impact, I also focus on volunteer work as a crisis counselor, teaching young minds, and creating impactful art. I take a holistic and interdisciplinary approach to life, where science meets art and knowledge meets creativity. My desire is to change the world—whether through my work as a scientist, teacher, artist, or simply a good Samaritan.

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College interns share the dream...

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Inkspire Camp welcomed our first college interns in 2022--who also were former campers for many years.   From left, Meghan Wells, Amy Wright, and Tirzah Schanding display their paintings of Van Gogh’s “Still Life with Apples”—the major art project for Inkspire Camp in 2022. Intern Julia King joined the staff in the summer of 2023.

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