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Amelia J.


Team Name

Journey Through Mountains

My breath shakes as I run through,

Surely, my fear might be true,

And, the fog will not seem to clear

When I acknowledge my sudden fear.

This journey is long and dark,

Now I hear these demons bark,

But now I know when I come near,

This journey will not produce drear.

And now my hopes are up to fight

These demons that cause my fright.

But look here and see hope gives you flight.

This journey, long and steep,

Will not force me to weep,

For I am remaining tall,

Even when I feel very small.

This journey gives me hope

That I will have a chance to float.

Ever so freely in the sky,

And my bliss will not be a lie,

But I cannot help but cry out

“This journey makes me seem to fly!”

But as I float, higher and higher,

I feel weaker and lighter,

Now my eyes will begin to burn

As then, I start to learn …

I’ve come so far…

And now I have to wish upon a star …

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