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Caitlin M.


Team Name

Biwi Island

Once an island was created before humans and was called Biwi Island. In a book called Islands, found only in the restricted library section, all tales about Biwi Island were written down.  A fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Redback, found the book and decided to go there.

She took a speedboat and close to Hawaii, she found the round and green and white Biwi Island.

The small island was surrounded by beluga whales. Horseshoe crabs walked on the shore. Biwi had blue kiwi trees with many ponds. In the ponds, jellyfish glowed.

In the night, Mrs. Redback saw such a sight: forty adult penguins and two baby penguins who were trying to take her shoes! She had enough. She wanted to go home. But as she got in her speedboat, the penguins stole her blue hat!! Then, they stole her soft jacket!!! And her boat keys!!!! Mrs. Redback was stuck on Biwi Island.

When the penguins saw how sad Mrs. Redback looked, they returned all the items they had stolen. She was so glad at how friendly the penguins had become that she now wanted to live on Biwi Island. 

Mrs. Redback welcomed her new animal family—the belugas, the horseshoe crabs, the jellyfish…but especially the penguins.

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