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Caroline N.


Team Name

The Wave Story

I’ve been at sea for only three weeks now, but my heart feels as if it’s been years. My father likes to say I’m as impatient as a four year old. That’s quite the insult because I’m nearly sixteen now. I long to jump off the boat and take a long, cool dip in the water. But I keep my feet planted on the boat.  Father would only say that when I give into my feelings I am unladylike – whatever that means.

Just then, I hear a distressed shout from behind me. I whip my head around and I see my father’s pale face. I spot the sudden cause of his fear; a giant crack has split the boat in two. I am on one side and he is on the other. I’m forced to watch as a giant, navy blue wave crashes over my father. I hear my father shout “Jump!” to me. But now, there is little to jump to.

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