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Huntley B.


Team Name

The Dophin

Standing by the sea, I saw a wave. Alas, out of the wave arched a majestic creature—a dolphin, a blue and shiny dolphin.

I dove in the sea for a closer look and found a whole pod. All was not well. My dolphin friend from the wave was sick.

“The Evil Orca has poisoned me,” said the dolphin.

“Let’s go stop him,” I immediately cried.

“I am too sick to try,” said my dolphin friend, who was quickly weakening.

“Then I will go.”

I journeyed through storms, forests of kelp, and much more. When I reached the orca’s ocean lair, he was not there. I found him nearby mixing up more poison. We fought. And finally, the orca passed out. I gathered all of his poison that I could find, sealing the dangerous clear liquid in a small steel drum.

I quickly returned to my dolphin friend and told him all that had happened. I knew the doctors would need to analyze the poison in order to make a cure.

“Take me now, for I am very sick,” my dolphin friend whispered.

I rushed my friend to the local veterinary clinic. But despite my best efforts, he died soon after we arrived.

I burst into tears.

Later, I buried the dolphin on the beach and marked his grave with seashells. The steel drum of poison was taken to the Coast Guard, and I gave them the exact location of the Evil Orca’s lair.

I remembered what a wonderful friend I had even for a short time. God had a purpose for my journey. I knew I must continue my life with the virtue the dolphin had shown.

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