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Kaede K.


Team Name

Pencils vs. Erasers

Perspective of Penny the Pencil Leader:

The erasers are SOOO annoying! They remove all trace of the beautiful work that my kind draws or writes! Like, what is their problem?! We give the most amazing gift to the world! Whether we write a little or a lot, we do all the work and the erasers do nothing!

Ok, let me start from the beginning. So we (me and the other pencils) were writing our best story yet! We told the erasers we wouldn’t write too much. And we didn’t write too much … only 5 pages! BUT Stewart, the eraser leader, and his minions erased 3 WHOLE PAGES! 

And they used the worst kind of eraser, the kind that made neon red marks all over the place! How could they? All our hard work was destroyed!! But we have a plan to get REVENGE! Just wait, erasers! We’re coming for you! You guys are going DOWN!

To be continued…

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