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Let it FlowJamie Bradley
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Let it Flow

2014 Camp Song

The page glows white in my journal tonight

Not a sentence comes to mind.
A story whose theme is timeless
But the words I cannot find.

My mind is turning with a dictionary inside

Couldn’t get words out, heaven knows I tried.

Don’t let words go, don’t let words flee

Be the writer you always longed to be.

Describe, express, don't let words slow......

Well, now lines grow!

Let it flow! Let it flow! Can’t stop the words anymore. First a draft, then to craft.

Read again, and write s’more.

I now know
What I’m going to say
Grammar rules galore
The plot never thickens without word play.

It’s funny how some practice

Breaks down the tallest wall.
And the words that once eluded me,

Can’t hide from me at all.
It’s time to see what I can do
To win the Pulitzer when I’m through.

No counting words -

No stopping me, I’m free!

Let it flow! Let it flow!
I am one with the pen and ink.

First a draft, then to craft,

You’ll hear my words in sync.

Here I stand

With my Roget.
Grammar rules galore...

My story travels through the air – come take a ride

A magic carpet of adventure, mystery – I decide.

And one thought crystalizes – now I see at last

 My pen stays in my hand.

I’m having such a blast.

Let it flow! Let it flow!
Words will glow like the break of dawn

Let it flow! Let it flow!
My writer’s block is gone.

Here I stand
Wearing out Roget!
Grammar rules galore
The plot never thickens without word play.


–Jenny Strickland & Jacqueline Hamilton


Jamie Bradley

In the summer of 2014, Lexington student Jamie Bradley recorded the camp's parody of "Let It Flow" based on the Disney hit "Let It Go" from Frozen by lyricists Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. Jamie was a frequent member of the Broadway Bound casts with the UK Summer musical program. During Labor Day weekend of 2014, campers and Jamie presented a choreographed version of "Let It Flow" for the Pioneer Festival in Winchester, KY, and won first place in the group division of the annual talent show.

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