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We Are Inkspire

2023 Camp Song

Best sung with porpoise!

We got paper [1]
We got pencils
We got brain storms
Who could ask for anything moor? [2]

Just like Moby
We dive deeper
For a leg up
Who could ask for anything moor? [3]

Ol’ Revision
We don’t mind that

It’s the anchor
Not a cho-ore [4]


Whale, dear writers

Nothing fishy
Hook the best words
How we need unsinkable oars! [5]


We are listenin’

We gave gratitude
We are Inkspire
Who could ask for anything more?


[1] Thanks to composer William Grant Still, first African-American, to have his work performed by a major U.S. orchestra. His music influenced American composer George Gershwin in writing in 1930 what is considered his all- time Broadway favorite “I’ve Got Rhythm.” Lyricist-brother Ira Gershwin wrote the lyrics.

[2] We kept this original line but spelled more as moor. We sailed into Homonym Harbor playing off the idea of the verb moor as to secure a boat.

[3] A not-so subtle reference to the American classic novel Moby Dick. Captain Ahab has lost a leg to the white whale and now uses a whale bone as a leg. The phrase leg up also means to have an advantage. When students dive deeper through listening and questioning, they have a leg up in writing.

[4] Original song uses phrase Old man trouble. We personified Revision as the solution to writing troubles.

[5] Lots of puns stimulate writerly creativity. These silly ideas may not make the final cut, but they expand the mind. Puns on our discarded deck included “writing is fintastic,” “reading aloud aids and a-baits,” “mussel up by tweaking each line,” “sentence surfing.”

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